Gathered+Styled encapsulates our approach to floral design – we go beyond the confines of classical floristry, seeking a balance between a lush garden style and Japanese ikebana lines.

Nature and its seasons, art, architecture and fashion are the driving forces behind our designs. In all our work, we strive to preserve the integrity and natural presence of each flower.


About Alyona Y


As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved being in the garden and around flowers. My summers were spent at my grandparents’ country house, where I tended to bushes of wild berries, ate carrots pulled from the ground and watched peony flowers bloom – memories that have become ingrained in my mind, which eventually led me to pursue floral art.



After moving to Singapore and being surrounded by a contrast between the built environment and lush, tropical nature, I started Gathered+Styled to further develop my floral practice that would incorporate these influences into my designs.



The Gathered+Styled team works with corporate clients on creative floral styling for events, editorials, photo shoots, catalogues and more.

Write to us at with your brief, budget and deadline to arrange a meeting.

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